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TEXAMED® - Textile innovations. Medically effective

Help for Neurodermatitis, dust mite allergy and incontinence

Headquarters in Ismaning
Headquarters in Ismaning

TEXAMED® was founded in 1994 . Our objective since this time has been to develop, produce and sell functional medical textiles of a high-quality.

One of the product lines is offered under the name DryMed® washable incontinence solutions: practical, hygienic and discrete incontinence products , which offer the people concerned comfortable protection.

The PADYCARE® product line of special silver-coated textiles was developed especially for Neurodermatitis patients: Silver-coated textiles offer genuine alleviation and improvement for this painful skin disease..

The Anti-mite covers are a tremendous help for dust-mite allergy sufferers. The high-quality material and thorough processing of the anti-allergy intermediate covers protect, as far as possible, against the annoying mites and their consequences for the skin.

Our products were developed in order to offer you - our customer - a high measure of comfort and easement and, in spite of your aggravating circumstances, a better quality of life

We know your needs:

  • Therefore we develop functional medical textile products.
  • Therefore you can rely on our know-how.
  • Therefore we fulfil all legal requirements.
  • Therefore our products are prescribable to a large extent.
  • Therefore we take care of the processing of the cost coverage by the medical insurance company.

Rely on us.